Melissa and Joel

Image 1 of Melissa and Joel

How We Met

Joel and I grew up on opposite coasts of the country. He grew up in sunny SoCal while I grew up in bustling New Jersey. We attended the same college but even then we were on different campuses. During our second year of college we both set off for the adventure of a lifetime in Jerusalem, Israel. At first, we were intrigued by each other and that soon bloomed into a crush, and by the end of our three months of studying and adventuring together, I knew I wanted to marry him.

how they asked

Eventually after college Joel made the big cross-country move to be closer to me. To celebrate the second anniversary of when Joel confessed his undying love for me (or crush, same thing) back in Israel, he made plans for us to take a stroll through Central Park, the site of our first kiss, and have dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant to reminisce. As we walked through Central Park we sat on a cliff overlooking the lake. He had a gift for me, he pulled out a beautiful hard-cover book with all of our pictures, from Israel to Europe to my California visit.. At the end of the book there was an original poem by Joel which started with “Dedicated to my beautiful future bride to be…” That’s when I knew it was happening! After the poem he gave me a small box of mementos from all of our adventures and at the bottom of the box was a ring. Then he got down on one knee and the rest is history!