Melissa and Joe

how they asked: For valentines day in Feb 2015, my boyfriend of three and a half years, gave me a little booklet of 12 months of Pre-Planned dates. The month of May was our weekend away, but Joe had told me that he really couldn’t organize anyhing because his been so busy. He asked me if it would be okay that we swop our weekend away with a photoshoot (which is my ultimate favourite thing to do). I definitely agreed!

On the 9th May, we headed out to Glen Eden with our photographer, Hannah King. (I say ‘ours’ because she has done all our photoshoots since we started dating)

So I had to wake up at 4:30am to start getting ready for this, because we were having a sunrise shoot. Which was beautiful, so I definitely do no regret waking up that early.


Joe had suggested that we take 3 outfits with us, one casual, one formal, one semi-formal.

After our casual shoot, Hannah suggested we go get dressed in our formal wear. With the formal wear came Joe’s guitar. He is a music lover!

We had to sit around for quite a while due to the lighting. So during that time Joe and I were just chatting and then he said to me, “Oh Mel, I wrote you a song” I didn’t think anything big of it to come because he had written me a song before. I insisted that he played it for me, but the whole time he kept saying “ah but, it’s not really finished and I might forget some of the lyrics” I really didn’t care about that, I just wanted him to play it for me.

He sang me the song and at the very last line, which was “Melissa, will you marry me?” I saw him pull the ring box out of his suit pocket and go down on one knee.


With complete shock and confusion (because this is something I was only expecting in like 2 years) I jumped up, off the rock and kept questioning him asking him “if this is real? Are you sure about this? You pinkie promise?” and after he said yes! Without a doubt or even a bit of hesitation I said YES!


I would be crazy not to say yes! This man is my pride and joy! God really and truly blessed me and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.