Melissa and Jaymes

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fred W. Smyes Chapel South Carolina

How We Met

Like any great love story these days, ours started with a swipe right in 2014! Yup! We met on Tinder! Our first date consisted of Froyo and watching Frozen and it was perfect! The rest is history! ?

How They Asked

For starters for the past few months I’ve been asking him about getting married! He always said “Melissa give me until the end of summer or even early fall to get you a ring” So you can say I was absolutely surprised!

We are in the middle of a move and because of Jaymes job, he has to leave earlier than myself and the dogs so earlier in the week he asked me if we could go on a hike on the day before he had to leave. I absolutely agreed but was not happy when he told me I had to wake up at 4am because were he wanted to go was two hours away!

When the day came he woke me up at 4am as promised and I was in a terrible mood! I was tired and very cranky! I was able to sleep in the car which made me feel a lot better! Once we got there I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful view. We had taken pictures of the sun rise and at one point Jaymes asked if I wanted him to take a picture of me looking at the mountains. I agreed and he had taken a few and then said “okay one more” When I assumed he had taken it I turned around to him on one knee! I immediately said “ is this real are you being serious?!” And started to cry!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fred W. Smyes Chapel South Carolina

He continues with “Melissa I love you and want to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?!” And I obviously said yes!!

I was so surprised and happy! It was absolutely the perfect proposal!