Melissa and James

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How We Met

James & I actually met at school when we were four years old! We’ve grown up together, but life took us in different directions until 2016 where fate bought us back together.

How They Asked

James took me to an amazing hotel in our favorite place in the world, the picturesque Cotswolds, England. We had a little hilly hut in the woodland which was so romantic. It was my birthday so we went for a lovely dinner. After dinner, we went back to the hut to ‘freshen up’ when James put his hands around my eyes and led me into the hut.

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I heard ‘our song’ start playing and my stomach sank as felt this could have been the moment. He led me out the back of the hut and I saw a beautiful, magical, fairytale set up. I saw our pictures on a huge cinema screen surrounded by fairy lights coming up one by one. There was a beautiful teepee and the drapes were blowing in the wind. Then James got on one knee, said a speech, and asked me to be his wife.
Best birthday ever!

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