Melissa and Greg

How we met: Four years earlier, in 2007, I was having the worst year of my life…I had been making some bad decisions in my life and then I had been robbed at gunpoint at an ATM, and got into two horrible car accidents, all in a matter of three months. It literally was one after another. My life was going nowhere fast…and I was ready to give up…I knew God was trying to grab me by my shoulders and shake me by putting me through all those events, to give me a reality check. The day of my second car accident, I had totaled my car and I remember calling my mom in fear to tell her I had totaled another car in two months. My family has never been well off, in fact, far from it. I still cringe thinking of all the worry and grief I put my family through that year. Anyway, I went home that day with a big bruise across my chest and i remember sitting in my bed telling my dad i don’t want to live anymore, and why are all these bad things happening. Later that same night, some family came over to visit and console me when we heard a huge crash outside my window…a drunk driver had crashed into my cousins parked car across the street. The car was a goner. Everyone in our apt building ran outside to see what happened, including my fiancé. He was visiting some friends that lived in my apt and they all stayed out there with us for two hours and helped us talk to the cops and handle the whole situation. I remember him flirting with me and I was thinking why is he flirting with me…I look like death haha. By the end of the night he had met my whole family and I learned he was moving here from bakersfield to attend the same cal state I was. He left that night with some words that will never leave my heart or head, “don’t worry, once I move here, your life will change.” Since then, we have been inseparable. He was right…the minute he moved into town…my life became the best it ever had…I did better in school…my relationships with my fam and friends were better…there’s no better way to say it…he saved my life. I tell him this everyday. If I hadn’t gone through all of those horrible events…I would have never met him. It was Gods way of getting my attention and sending an angel into my life, we were meant to be.

How he proposed: Little did I know one week before he proposed he had asked my parents for my hand at their apartment when I wasn’t home. The following week he took me to my favorite place in Los Angeles, The Getty Museum. I had an inkling that he was going to propose, but then my high hopes went down because he was acting so cool and calm all day.

I remember thinking, “Oh, I guess we really did come to see the paintings” LOL Once we went out to the garden and started walking around, we went onto the bridge of a little stream and he tells me he has a confession to make: he brought me here for another reason  He then makes his speech and gets down on one knee on the bridge and proposes, and I said “Of course!”. I couldn’t stop smiling! To top it off, he had hired an amazing photographer to capture the moment, because he knows how obsessed with pictures I am! Then all of a sudden, BOTH our families start popping out behind the walls and they were crying and jumping up and down! My brother in law even captured the whole thing on video camera! I immediately started crying when I saw our nieces and nephews (which we are obsessed with) because I couldn’t believe he even had the kids there!! After many hugs and kisses, we got to have our own little photo shoot in my favorite place in LA! How lucky can a girl get?! I guess he was right when he said he was going to change my life four years ago…I will never forget those words. He continues to save my life every day, and now…forever ”

Photography by Meghan Christine Photography, out of Southern California. Check out more of Meghan’s  gorgeous portfolio here.