Melissa and Gonzalo's Big Bear Proposal

How We Met

I’ve known Gonzalo since I was about eight. We grew up at the same church and he was my first school girl crush. Even though I was young, I remember getting excited to go to church to see him. He had the cutest smirk that could make any girl fall in love. I still remember times where we would spend Fourth of July at the park and chased each other with water balloons. That was cut short a few years later when I had to move to Arizona and lost all hope of ever seeing him again. Although life went on, I would often think about him. He was always in the black of my mind, and that’s why I never let anyone into my heart because I always had that small hope of seeing him again. Fortunately for me after I graduated high school I got the opportunity to move back to California and the first thing I did was look for him. I got on MySpace and quickly looked him up, and luckily found him. Immediately we reconnected, and I felt that same crush I felt years back. Shortly after he became my best friend, and even though I was too shy to tell him, I was crazy about him. One thing led to another and now my first crush, turned into my first boyfriend, and first love, and now my fiancé.

how they asked

A close friend of ours had set us up for photo shoot in Big Bear, CA, little did I know they both had something else up their sleeve. I was oblivious to everything going on around me. We drove up to Big Bear and I noticed my boyfriend was acting weird and more nervous than usual. I didn’t think anything of it because that day he had an excuse for everything it seemed. We went along with our photo shoot and I didn’t suspect a thing. The sun started to set and the dark crept up on us. He told me to take some solo pictures while he went to find a bathroom. In the far distance I started seeing cars pull up to our location. I began to question my friend/photographer and she too seemed to have an excuse for everything. About half an hour passed and I saw my boyfriend in the distance running back. When he reached us he instantly reached for my hand and started to tell me how much he loved me. He led me up a dark path and at the top of the hill all I could see we’re little lights. At that moment my knees got weak, my legs were loopy, my hands were clammy and my eyesight was blurry. It wasn’t until We reached the top of the hill and found all of our close friends and family waiting for us. All I could focus on were the marquee letters that read “Marry Me”. Beyond that I could see the strings or twinkly lights dangling on the trees, I could smell the faint scent of the candles burning, and in that moment everything became a blur and all I could say was YES!

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