Melissa and George

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How We Met

Where do I begin!

So we met through mutual friends in 2002 (I had a flip phone and he still had a pager). That was the first night I had met him and his friends (who will be in our wedding). I remembered George trying to talk to me and I was acting like a total brat. Could care less.

Fast forward a few months later, I ran into him and his friends, where we hung out and later exchanged numbers. I, of course had his pager number. :) After that night, we spoke every day.

In 2009, we purchased our home together with our four furry babies.

how they asked

George had texted me on December 19, 2014 suggesting that we should go out and have dinner when I got home from work. It wasn’t out of the norm so I thought it was a great idea. Friday date night? Sounds perfect!

As I’m coming home from work, I see a note on the doorknob, that reads, “Follow the path to a little something special that I wrote for you!” We always leave each other sweet notes, so this was totally normal and nothing out of the ordinary. As I’m walking in to what I thought would be just a another regular night, I find candles lit down along a line leading to our TV. There was another note on the TV screen that read, “I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I know it’s been a tough few months so I wanted to take the time to tell you how special you are to me. 105 is the number that comes to my head when I think of all the years I want to be with you, go to sleep with you and grow old with you. I appreciate everything you do for me and I love you with all my heart….”

At that moment (still have no clue), I call out for him. He then comes out of the room, wearing a suit. I give him a hug, and say “Awe this is so cute. Thank you.” Still have no clue what is about to happen. I see him get down on one knee, and opens the ring box, and asks “Will you make me the happiest guy and marry me?” I immediately start to cry and repeatedly say, “Is this for real? Are you serious? Is this a joke? No, this isn’t happening!!” And of course I said YES!

We of course spoke about marriage several times before, but I was not expecting him to propose the way he did. My one request of him when he planned to propose, was for it just to be the two of us. I didn’t want family and friends around. I wanted it to be intimate and very casual.

And he nailed it. The proposal was perfect!

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