Melissa and Gareth

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How We Met

So back when we were in high school, Gareth had the biggest crush on me but I was not interested at all. He was going to ask me to be his girlfriend after the December holidays but I came back with a boyfriend – he was really hurt and got a new girlfriend so we barely spoke for two years.

In our final year of school, we both were single and had a production together so we started chatting. We visited each other every weekend but could not make it official because school was very strict about prefects dating. Two days before we graduated high school, he asked me to be his girlfriend – 24 September

how they asked

Both our families get on very well and I absolutely love the festive season, we were all on holiday in mossel bay from 23 December.

Gareth had said to me a few days before he leaves that he wants to get ice cream when we are up there – me loving ice cream had no problem with that so we decided we would go on the 24th!

We went for ice cream and our families had said they will be on the beach so when we come back the house will be locked so we must come join them on the beach

We got to the beach and there Everyone was, playing with a soccer ball, sitting relaxing, taking photos – nothing unusual at all

As I got onto the beach our moma stood up and held a banner saying ‘Will you marry me?’ In compete awe I tuned around to see if it was a joke and then I saw Gareth on his knee with a beautiful ring in a box!

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It was exactly what I wanted! We were only talking about proposals for next year September – December so he really caught me by surprise and it made it so special because our whole family was there helping with the proposal.

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I had mentioned a while ago that I would love all our dates (dating, engagement &wedding ) to have the same date – 24th of any month but Gareth didn’t like that idea so it was another surprise to get engaged on the 24th!