Melissa and Eugene

How We Met: January 2013  I remember going to my favorite taco restaurant with my best friend before church.  I had just finished eating i remember I walked up to the register to get a refill of my favorite pineapple water when I look to my right is this tall handsome man staring straight at me not blinking with a smirk on his face. It actually made me quite nervous I sat back down and wrapped up my belongings.

I mentioned to my best friend that I felt like I was being stared at she peeked over and said “oh yea definitely”  when we walked out I told her “whatever if he was a big boy he would of came to talk to me.” I kid you not as soon as I said that I heard “excuse me, excuse me.” It was him and I was shocked shy and nervous. We introduced our selfs and he asked for my number. But I didn’t give it to him I used the tipical girl line “give me yours…I’ll call you!”  And he did. It took me 2 weeks to call him and 2 more weeks to finally decide to go out on our first date but have been inseparable since.

how they asked: We had spent all day in a island in puerto Vallarta called Islas Marietas snorkeling and paddle boarding and I was exhausted and all I wanted to do when we arrived was sleep But once we got to the hotel room he insisted on catching the sunset and having dinner (since it’s his favorite time of the day) I suspected nothing. He rushed me to get ready and urged me to run up a hill to watch the perfect sunset.  As we were walking up the hill there was a mother and her daughter taking selfies.

He pulled out his phone and asked if she would take a picture of us, totally normal! With the breath taking sunset I suspected nothing but a picture. What I didn’t hear was him whispering  to her as he handed the phone was when he asked her “please take video.”   As he approached me I was just preparing for a picture when he drops to one knee.


The first thing I said was “really!? Right here!?” I’m sure the lady will remember that perfect moment for ever but I can’t blame her because so will I!!! I said YES.