Melissa and Dustin


How We Met

Dustin and I met at work….I was living in NYC and came back to colorado “temporarily” to fill in during a transition at my previous job. My company ended up needing a hospitality consulting company so we hired Dustin and his partner Thomas. The day we interviewed them, I thought to myself “wow….there is something about that guy.”  We ended up hiring them and my crush was immediate – it sure made going to work more fun! I thought maybe the feeling was mutual but didn’t know until he finally asked me out three months later!

The rest, as they say, is history. I knew it when I met him that he was the one…I’d never felt that way about anyone!

how they asked

We had our first “real” vacation together in Cabo San Lucas in March, about 8 months into our relationship.  We stayed at an amazing resort, The One and Only Palmilla, and had the best time ever together.

In June we were set to start our new jobs (we were both starting two big positions), and we had planned a “staycation” at a local hotel the weekend before we started at our jobs.  I had a big meeting come up that I had to go to and was contemplating canceling our staycation that was to start that Friday.  On Tuesday night he came home and told me that he thought I should indeed cancel our staycation, when I agreed and said I would and go to the meeting he told me that wasn’t the reason.  He told me to pack my bags because we were leaving for Cabo at 6AM on thursday morning for a mini-cation at “our resort”.  I thought he was kidding!

Two days later we were having our first margarita by the pool, a perfect start to what I didn’t know was going to be one of the best days of my life.  We lounged, relaxed and enjoyed the perfect hotel all day.  We went to our room to get ready for dinner, he had planned a special dinner at a famous restaurant nearby that we had been wanting to try since we last had gone to Cabo, Flora Farms.  He went the distance, hiring a driver and getting us there 30  min early to tour the grounds.  Flora Farms is a gorgeous farm to table restaurant in the area with beautiful gardens of mango trees, kale and many other amazing fruits and veggies on site.  It’s truly spectacular.  I didn’t think anything of the fact that we had gotten there early, we are both in the industry and I was soaking up touring the area while sipping on white wine.  It was the beginning of the perfect evening following the most perfect beach day.

At one point I needed to use the restroom, little did I know that this was a WELCOME relief for Dustin. The whole day and time we had been walking around he had been trying to find the perfect location to pop the question!  He took the opportunity while I was in the bathroom to find that exact spot….as I walked out he grabbed me and started walking me towards a beautiful wall made of bougainvillea, he wrapped his arm around my waist and said “you know, a mini vacation isn’t the only reason we came to Cabo this weekend”…at that moment I knew and the tears started coming (as they are now while I’m writing this 5 months later!).

The next few minutes are a blur, all I know is that all of a sudden the man of my dreams was down on one knee with a ring in his hand, asking me to marry him.


The tears were NON-STOP and I came down to my knees in shock and pure happiness!  After many minutes of me crying he did ask…well…is there a yes?!




Apparently I had skipped right over answering the question!  My answer was of course, a million times yes, as it still is today!  When we got up he got me with yet another surprise….there was a professional photographer documenting the whole thing!!


WHAT?!  I was elated…what a GIFT!  So we immediately went into our very own little photo shoot, it was so fun!  I can honestly say it was a fairy tale from start to finish!


Special Thanks

Alejandra Pulido
Events planner
Bernardo Arce