Melissa and Dustin

How We Met

From 13 to Forever….. looking back on life, it truly is funny how everything works the way it does. How did I meet my fiancé? Well he was the very first boy who in 6th grade in a new school bumped into me in the halls and knocked all my books to the ground. He helped, apologized and went on his way. And all I could think was “WHO IS THAT BOY? HE IS SO CUTE!” Then my school girl crush began. We didn’t start dating until 7th grade and all through middle school I was smitten! My first boyfriend! My first kiss! I knew truly from the moment I saw him, he was the one. Well life happened, and we were zoned for two different high schools, and we ended up breaking up because of course we were just kids. And we both moved on with life. It was only 15 years later where I happened to be single and likewise with him that we ran into each other! It was like we never skipped a beat!

Where to Propose in Atlantis, Bahamas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Atlantis, Bahamas

how they asked

So after our reconnection, we were both crazy for each other, and a year and a half of dating has lapsed. We had a vacation planned to Atlantis resort in the Bahamas! And when I say I had no idea he was going to propose, I had NO IDEA (as in I didn’t even bother getting my nails redo, even with my mother hinting why I didn’t do my nails) It was the night before valentine’s day, and we were both having a great time, and after a couple of glasses of wine later I was actually ready to sleep and go to bed, but Dustin insisted we go take a walk on the beach. And I kept saying why?! ugh?! I’m tired! He convinced me and we were standing on the beach, I had my back towards him and he says to me “Mel I love you so much” my reply was a very drunk “yeah?! prove it!!!!!” So he did! He was like OK! he spun me around and was on his knees!! I started hysterically crying and threw my wine glass! and tackled him to the floor! And the rest is a true fairy tale!