Melissa and David


How We Met

We meet in 2012 in April, I was in a funk working from home and my friend was trying to get me in a better mood. She shows up to my house promising a good time and tells me to ditch work and lets go jet skiing (she has a friend who works there), little did I know that friend would become my love.

how they asked

4 years later, May.14,2016 we plan to go on the boat with a mutual friend and as I wait on the dock I tell him “awww honey we met here” and ask him to take a picture. We take the picture and wait for the boat. The boat arrives blasting a love song and all my closest friends pop up with a flower sign reading “will you marry me” I turn around and he is down on one knee. I shake, cry, laugh and he says “will you please say yes” and I yelped “yes yes”! He points to the side and our parents are there as well. It was the best day of my life! We sipped champagne and watched the sunset.



Special Thanks

david robinson