Melissa and David

how we met

Like any true millennials…we now proudly “own-it” when asked how we met. David and I met on the dating app Bumble in February 2017. Our running joke is that I was vehemently searching for another “outdoorsy teacher” like myself as I swiped through the options, and luckily for us both, he was the first one that met that description! David also had made a deal with his friends that he would go on ONE Bumble date a year. So somehow the universe matched us up, (within the time slot of David’s one allotted date a year), and the rest was history! Our first date was to Vine Street Pub in Denver, but we weren’t “sold” on each other until a 2nd date to the climbing gym, a 3rd date roller skating with friends, and a few subsequent ski days.

how they asked

One night, after our first few months of moving to start our mountain-town dream in Frisco, CO, David began to act strange and was adamant that we walk our dog on the shore of the nearby lake. I could tell something was up by his incessant chatting (he is a quiet guy) and asking unnecessary details of the specs of the skis I had just purchased. Nevertheless, I continued on “clueless” to what was going to happen. At the end of our walk, under a full moon, and with the mountains reflecting onto the water beside us, David asked me to marry him with our dog as our witness. It was our simple kind of perfect. We spent the next days celebrating and skiing with friends and family. After all the celebrations I found out that David had asked my parents nearly SIX MONTHS prior, but waited to make sure the ring and proposal were both PERFECT… (remember earlier when I mentioned David’s calculated decision making and inability to be rushed??).The waiting was worth it and so excited to marry each other at a hot springs resort beneath our favorite mountain range. We can’t wait to continue these adventures for the next 70+ years.

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