Melissa and Dave

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sarrail Ridge, Alberta, Canada

How We Met

Three years ago I received a message from a mutual friend, who I had yet to meet, asking me if I was at a local pub that night and if not, he was sure he found my doppelgänger. I, of course, was already in bed and skeptical my twin even existed. Dave used this conversation to get to know me and we discovered that we worked together, he as a doctor and myself as a registered nurse. Eventually, he asked me out to an afternoon of snowboarding. Initially, I declined. Reluctant to spend a full afternoon with a relative stranger, I lied and told him I was busy – I definitely was not. Eventually a month later I agreed to a lunch date at a Vietnamese restaurant. The bowl of pho must have sealed our fate as I found out a few years later that his parents first date was at a noodle house in Korea!

how they asked

Dave’s proposal started two months prior to the day we got engaged. I’ve never tried on an engagement ring and didn’t own a lot of jewelry so he had a lot of researching ahead of him. He called my best friend and my mother to try and find out my ring size – they both had no clue. He turned to google typing in “How to find out your girlfriends ring size” and followed their suggestions of measuring my finger while I was asleep – thankfully I’m the type of sleeper who wouldn’t wake up to my own house caving in. Once he had sizing figured out, he picked out the diamond and customized a design with my mom.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sarrail Ridge, Alberta, Canada

A week before the proposal, Dave arranged a flight to my hometown to meet up with my parents and grandparents to ask them for their blessing. He told my family that he would take them anywhere in the city to eat. My grandpa, being an old-school farmer that loved a good deal, simply replied “buffet”. After receiving my family’s blessing he flew back to our city with me being none the wiser.

The day of the engagement Dave had arranged for a group of our closest friends to go hiking up my favorite mountain at sunset. He planned for one of my good friends to carry a bottle of champagne while her husband, a videographer, captured the whole proposal under the rouse that he was filming a parks Canada video. When we reached the summit, Dave took me over to the ledge that overlooked the lake below to take a photo together. When we got to the ledge Dave knelt down on one knee and I ugly cried the happiest “yes!”

My favorite part of the proposal was that every aspect perfectly reflected my now fiancée – a meticulous planner and closet romantic.

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