Melissa and Darnell

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How We Met

Darnell and I met 3 years ago. He just recently took a job here in Oklahoma from Florida as the worship Pastor for our new NW campus our pastor was opening up. I was currently attending the other campus singing. One week at rehearsal they told us they needed extra singers at the NW Campus and I volunteered to go. That’s when we first met ever. After that meeting, we begin to become really great friends. Going to art festivals together and just hanging out. Not knowing what was to become of this friendship. continued on until October 2016. In October we begin going out on dates. I found myself falling for him very quickly. January 3rd 2017 we became a couple. It feels so great doing life with your best friend. Now 10 months later.. we are engaged!

how they asked

That night, we were suppose to be celebrating us losing 20lbs with a nice dinner with friends! That evening he picked me up, and we headed to a restaurant off of Lake Hefner. There is a spot right off the lake that we consider “our spot”. We have long talks, frozen yogurt dates, and even danced there! With our 10 month anniversary coming up, we started discussing memories there. Next thing I know, I see a beautiful set-up of lanterns, candles, my favorite Lilly flowers, and our photographer friends Taylor and Amy. At that moment, it hit me what was happening!!! I get out the car and he says “This is the spot where I knew.” And I swear I was going to pass out! Next thing I know he is on one knee! Of control ourse I said yes!! It was perfect. Afterwards we went to a surprised dinner that consisted of all our family and friends! The best about it all was, my friend Amy (the photographer) boyfriend proposed to her the day before! So while I was focused on my friends Amy’s engagement and she was focused on mine! Keeping us distracted! The guys planned it perfectly! I can’t wait to spend my life with my best friend

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Special Thanks

Amy Gordon
 | Photographer
Taylor Moore
 | Photographer
Sophia Wells
 | Planning