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Proposal Ideas McAfee Knob - Appalachian Trail

We’d been planning our beach vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carlin’s for quite some time. I had mentioned something to Dan about stopping either along the way there or on the way home (Cleveland, Ohio) and doing some hiking in West Virginia or Virgina. I was basically living on Pinterest and Google trying to find the coolest spot we could hike and I finally came across the Mc Afee Knob trail in Virginia. It’s a trail on the Appalachian Trail. It looked absolutely perfect. We decided we would drive through the night, get to the trail head about two hours before the sunrise, hike (in the complete dark) and get up to the top in time to see the sunrise!

We set out for a long road trip at about 9:00pm. Dan drank energy drink after energy drink to get us there safely while I slept on and off. We got to the parking lot around 3:30, put our hiking gear on, packed the backpack and set into the trail right on time. I’m a huge baby and scared of just about everything so hiking in the dark with only our head lamps was a bit terrifying. The hike was challenging at times and the last hour felt like it was taking FOREVER.

We FINALLY got to the top to barely be able to see the sun through all the fog. We were sweaty, exhausted and cold! We got a few pictures of the sun and sat on the edge for a few minutes. We realized the fog wasn’t clearing any time soon so we found a rock to sit up against and actually took a (very short) nap. The wind was blowing, it was cloudy and we were on top of a mountain so once we started to feel warm we woke up to see the clouds and the fog were finally starting to clear.

It was absolutely stunning. To be able to see the mountains and feel the warm sun. It made the 4.5 mile uphill hike so worth it.

Dan must have spent an entire half hour trying to set up his camera (phone) just perfectly. He put it on a 10 second timer and would run back and forth. We got a few really good pictures and thankfully he didn’t fall over the cliff while running back and forth! The last one, that I thought was just another picture set to a 10 second timer was actually a video… THE video. Playing it off like it was just a 10 second timer, we posed, kissing with the mountains and the sunrise behind us. Dan told me he loved me and kissed for another second longer. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. All I could manage to get out was “oh my god!” I was absolutely shocked. My eyes filled with tears, I was shaking, it felt like pure magic. I finally was able to form a word other than “oh my god” and said YES! He explained to me that two of the diamonds in the ring were from my moms ring that my dad, who passed away a few years ago, got for her. Dan took them and made his own design which makes it that much more meaningful.

We called our moms and texted our closet friends and family with the big news. We sat on top of that mountain for another hour or two just soaking it all in. Together. How beautiful the ring is and the fact that we are getting freaking married! It was mind blowing and still actually is. This is something I could have only ever dreamed of. The man of my dreams proposing to me on top of a mountain as the sun was rising!

We have the rest of the week to celebrate with each other in Hilton Head and I can’t wait to see the tan line from this beautiful ring!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in McAfee Knob - Appalachian Trail

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