Melissa and Craig

Proposal Ideas An outdoor concert stage

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It was a Saturday afternoon. A group of my closest friends all decided to take my sister out for a fun day of adventures. We got all dressed up and I planned out the day doing all of her favorite things, surprising her along the way. Little did I know that they all knew I was going to get engaged that night. My now Fiancé Craig met with my sister and best friend early Saturday morning and planned out my whole proposal in just 8 hours! The goal was to make me think I was planning a fun day for someone else but the end result would be a surprise to me. As we were leaving our favorite coffee shop we passed by the church my sister goes to, as we drove by the girl who was driving mentioned how she has never seen the building and wanted to check it out.

As we pulled in I saw lights in the distance but thought nothing of it, thinking they were just practicing for a concert as they did so many times. I looked down for a minute and when I looked up I saw my family, closest friends and him, Craig, waiting for me on the stage.

There were lights and rose petals lined all up to lead to the stage. My best friend drove in from out of town and was singing a song I mentioned to her years ago while in college that I wanted to be played at my engagement.

Melissa's Proposal in An outdoor concert stage

I was in total shock, I sat in the car for a few minutes and balled my eyes out! Finally, I got out of the car and walked towards my forever. Craig met me on stage and got down on one knee and proposed. It was the perfect moment. The ring he proposed to me with was so special to me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in An outdoor concert stage

My father passed away when I was in high school and he told my mother to save her ring and let whoever I married use it, so little did I know Craig worked with my mother to use her ring and designed it into my new ring. So I will forever have a piece of my father with me. I was surprised at my house with more friends and family waiting to celebrate with a fully decorated house and food galore!