Melissa and Cole

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Cole and I met in college, but really started our lives together in Annapolis Maryland where we lived together for almost two years. We had just found out we’d be moving to Pittsburgh, PA when one day Cole asked me to go for a walk on the beach. Little did I know Cole had gone to that same beach a few days before, picked out a piece of driftwood and got it engraved. We walked down the beach that day and he said we should pick out a piece of driftwood to have from the place we really started our lives together, so we began to look around. He pointed to one and it said “love you most” (a saying we frequently use) and I was instantly so confused. Before I could process it all he had flipped it over and the other side read “will you marry me” and he was down on one knee!! He even thought to have a photographer there to capture the whole thing, I couldn’t have planned the proposal any better myself!

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Special Thanks

Heather Meadows
 | Photographer