Melissa and Christopher

How We Met

Chris and I met in December of 2014. Funny to say, but we actually met each other through Instagram. It was one of those I followed him and liked his pics and vice-versa. He then found me on Facebook and messaged me. We quickly learned we had the same mutual friends and exchanged numbers. Two days later, we went on a sushi date, and the rest was history. Fast forward 3 years later, we have a house and our puppy Jessie together. He’s truely is my best friend.

Image 1 of Melissa and Christopher

how they asked

I surprised Chris with a trip to Mexico for his 30th birthday this past June. (His birthday is on March 6th, mine is March 7th). It was the second time at our favorite resort, Villa del Palmar. On our second night, we decided to take a walk on the beach before dinner and check out this little pier that goes out into the water. As we were walking, we see a stray dog walking towards us. We ignore it and it runs off. We then get to the pier and its closed off. Chris was so bummed and I said “Its okay, lets go eat.” We walk back to the resort and there’s that dog again. This time with a couple petting it. We asked if they knew the dog and they told us that it hangs around the resort. We get to know them and learned it was the last night of their honeymoon. Chris asked the nice couple if they can take a nice picture of us on the beach. The husband, Parker, said sure! He snapped two or three photos of us near the water, and Chris asked if he can take one more. That’s when it happened! He went on his knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it was real life! Of course I said Yes! The newlyweds were just as surprised too.

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