Melissa and Chris

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How We Met

Chris and I met through a mutual friend in 2011. First he thought I was out of his league. Then he dumped me while we weren’t even in a relationship( or did he? Texting these days can be confusing!). Then we found a way to take our friendship to the next level in the spring of 2012.

how they asked

It was a typical Thursday night, which usually consists of me ditching that nights at home dinner menu and hoping for a night out with our friends at our favorite all you can eat sushi spot. This Thursday Chris suggested sushi in the morning before leaving for work, and I asked our friends Mandy and Corey to take the drive to our usual spot. Now, after 5 years together, living together for 3 of those years, I can usually pick up on when something is going on. This night didn’t seem any different then usual. I’ve spent probably the last 4 1/2 years dropping very subtle (insert sarcasm here) hints in regards to engagement and marriage but wasn’t sure when the time would come. Chris and I are very opposite in the fact that you can usually find me overanalyzing something, and playing out every bad scenario in my head first, while he is very easy going and laid back. He’s very good at giving a non answer answer and when it comes to secrets he’s fort knox. After dinner, our friends joined us at home for some casual chit chat. As a group of friends go, we are generally very low key and tend to be in bed early, like 8 PM early. So when a game of Head’s Up was suggested, I was surprised we were all willing to stay awake another moment after a big dinner, but happily agreed as I always love a good game! Now at this point I should say, our 5 year anniversary had just passed, and a trip to Cape Cod was happening the next day, so in my mind I was thinking if at all, there would be a Cape proposal. As we passed around Mandy’s cellphone, I per usual was distracted by phone things like Instagram and Pinterest. As Chris’ turn came around, I hear yelling from everyone that I’m not paying attention and that Chris really needs help in guessing the card he’s holding. If you are not familiar with the game Head’s Up, the player whose turn it is holds the phone against their forehead while other players give clues to help the player guess what is on the card. After a ” yeah yeah yeah, Ok what is it?” I looked up at the card and read it to myself, and stopped. Silence. I could hear someone ask, “what does it say?”. As I read the words aloud, “Will You Marry Me?” I quickly followed up with a repeated ” You’re joking right?!”, I don’t know how many times. As I leaned in and hugged Chris crying, I was gently reminded that I needed to say yes! Yes! It turns out Mandy and Corey had been in on the whole thing, and had assisted in helping Chris plan. They were even ready to drive to the Cape if they needed! Champagne, balloons, and flowers were ready for celebration as I realized that I had been set up with my sushi dinner. Chris always told me that he would propose when I least expected it, and boy was he right. We spent the weekend in the Cape celebrating our anniversary and engagement, and it was certainly a trip I won’t forget!

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