Melissa and Chris

Where to Propose in Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

How We Met

Chris and I met in San Francisco, CA at Caffé Baonecci…after we both swiped right on a dating app. After spending the evening talking about our love of food and addiction to traveling, Chris made a bold move and asked me to dinner the next night. Normally I would have flat out said no, or thought I needed to slow things down but there was just something about him that made me say yes! Maybe it was his amazing Italian accent or his dance moves but I agreed to the second date and the rest is history. We’ve been inseparable ever since which means he met my mom just two weeks in!

how they asked

On the second day in Iceland, We set out on the road from Reykjavik towards the East side of the Island. Every part of Iceland is beautiful but this day was particularly rainy and cold but we were so excited to be on a trip! While we were driving, I noticed the waterfall and suggested we stop. We didn’t realize this was the famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall which you can walk underneath. Though we made several attempts to get back there, the paths were just too icy and to be honest…I was too scared. Little did I know Chris was trying to find the perfect spot to propose. As we were about to leave, Chris suggested one last photo in front of the waterfall and quickly searched for a likely candidate to take our photo. As we started to pose for the picture, Chris said “stand to my left” which I obliged. As I reached to put my arm around him, there was nothing there, because he was on one knee. I was so shocked I started crying tears of joy and could barely contain myself. We owe endless thanks to this lovely Irish guy(and his girlfriend who was screaming “Oh my God!” haha) because the pictures he took were absolutely priceless and will be cherished forever. If you see this post, please reach out!!!

Melissa's Proposal in Seljalandsfoss, Iceland