Melissa and Charlie

Our engagement was extremely special! We had planned a cruise well over 6 months in advance and I had no idea an engagement was going to happen. We had been discussing our future over the last year or so and knew we wanted to marry each other. Back in February around Valentines Day Charlie had mentioned that he wanted to go look at engagement rings. Being that is something I never wanted (I’ve always wanted it to be a surprise) I gave him a strange look and then said….sure! Well, after that day I was anxiously waiting for him to bring it up again- and he never did! I was so bummed and would just let days pass by hoping he would say “lets go look”! Our cruise came up so fast and I was so excited since it was my first one ever! We were going to Cozumel & Costa Maya, Mexico! The second night of our cruise was the “fancy” dinner night so I was so excited to get all dressed with my favorite guy! We got ready and it was around the time of sunset, and Charlie kept saying he wanted to take a nice picture together. I of course said “DUH” because I love taking pictures together! He brought me out onto the side decks of the ship and it was extremely windy. I was getting annoyed because nobody could want a picture that bad that it’s worth standing in crazy strong winds. I kept telling him no and to just find a better spot. We finally got to a great location and he started saying the sweetest things and then got down on one knee! I was in such shock that I completely blacked out! I remember him saying that I am his best friend and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Our vacation was incredible and I was so happy that we got engaged! We then went on to our fancy dinner and were so excited to tell our server that we got engaged!

Image 1 of Melissa and Charlie

Unfortunately he didn’t understand and ended up singing Happy Birthday to us! We just laughed and said thank you and that is something we will always be able to look back on. Of course waiting five days to be able to tell anyone was extremely difficult but it was nice to be able to celebrate our engagement in Mexico with just the two of us!

Image 2 of Melissa and Charlie

I love knowing I get to share my life with my best friend!