Melissa and Charles

How We Met

It was in 2013 our freshman year of college that Charles and I first caught a glimpse of each other. Charles was (and still is) good friends with my brother Angel. They were walking through the college together when Charles first says he saw me. I saw my brother walking down the hallway and yelled his name then gave him a big hug. We talked for a few moments and then Angel went on his way with his group of friends. As soon as Angel was walking with his group of friends Charles said, “Dude, she’s hot but aren’t you going to get in trouble for hugging your girlfriend?” Angel then proceeded to tel Charles that I am his sister. Immediately Charles responded with, “Dude, your sister is hot. I’m going to date her.” (Eventually he did get to do just that, but it was a whole two and a half years later.)

I do not even recall seeing Charles that day that he tells me he first noticed me. The first time I remember seeing Charles was when I was pulling into the student parking. I had just gotten back from running errands. As I pulled into the parking lot and looked for a spot to park, I saw Charles getting out of his jeep with his twin brother. I remember thinking first, “there are two of them?” and then secondly thinking, “wow that’s a nice car”…Real romantic..I know. The thought had never occurred to me that I would one date the guy with the cool green jeep, but I am certainly glad that we did start dating a few years later.

how they asked

The day started out like any other normal Monday does. I hit the snooze button one too many times and then rushed out the door to work. After work I texted my friend Arianna asking her if she wanted to go on an “adventure” with me. We hopped in the car and headed to the car wash to vacuum out Charles’ car before a date we had later that night. We vacuumed that little pontiac the best we could, and then I treated her to Dunkin Donuts. We got back to the college and headed to my room to hang out while I got ready for my date. The next few hours were spent laughing, fussing with my hair and makeup, and putting together the perfect date outfit. Around 1:30 I got a facebook message from my friend Laura, who also happened to be chaperoning the date later. She said her husband had given her money to go get Starbucks and have girl time so she wanted to treat my roommate and me to coffee. I immediately replied that I would go. (I never turn down free Starbucks) The plan was to meet at the front of the college at 3:45 and then be back at 5 for my date. The time finally came to leave so I waited up front for both my roommate and Laura. I waited for five minutes when I got a call from Laura. She had locked her keys out of her car and was waiting on someone to unlock it for her. I told her that it was fine because my roommate was not even there yet. I continued to wait…..and wait…and wait. Eventually I got tired of waiting and told Charles that I was just going to tell Laura never mind. He replied that it was fine she had already made the plans so just go. I got a call again from Laura at 4:10 saying that she should be at the college very soon, but my roommate would not be able to go. I told her okay and waited some more. Finally around 4:30 Laura showed up in her brother in laws car. We both jumped in the car and quickly left. She asked to use my cell phone because hers was dead. She called her husband, John, to make sure he was running more on time than we were. She called only to find out that John’s car had died on him while out doing a photoshoot for a newly engaged couple.We quickly aborted our coffee trip and went to rescue John. We followed a pin he dropped and sent for us to locate him. I knew for sure that we were going to be late for my date. It got dark fast and we ended up at a small park with a beautiful gazebo. Laura and I got out to search for John because we did not see his car. We found him and he wanted us to look at the gazebo. We started walkingup to the most beautiful gazebo I have ever seen. The gazebo was covered with Christmas lights, there were two bouquets of roses on both sides of the walkway, and flower petals and candles all over. I walked up to see what was in the center of the gazebo and found a little message in a bottle.

Proposal Ideas Deep River County Park

Melissa and Charles's Engagement in Deep River County Park

Melissa's Proposal in Deep River County Park

The message was titled “Things I love About You.” I finished reading the message and when I turned around my handsome boyfriend was standing there. He began to tell me how much he loved me and proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said, “Yes!” I never did get my cofffee that night, but I definitely got something much better. ;)



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