Melissa and Camilo

how they asked

I had to go to work that day because I started my new job in Memorial Hermann, he had a graduation later in the afternoon. So I got off work went home got dressed and did my hair quickly. picked him up and left to the ceremony to meet up with our family and 2 boys, since we both worked that day my mom had them. we got to the graduation and he was calm and anxious I was more nervous then him. he told me he had to give a speech from the entire class which made me more nervous cause he can berly tell me a story without studdering. they all walked and it came down to his speech he was stumbling on words and messing up like I knew he would. he finally asked me to join him up on stage to share the special moment with him. At first I was thinking ok what’s going on ?? and I got up and he took off his gown then I realized this is it he’s proposing !!! he told me a small speech but I was in shock I don’t even know we he said I just cried and cried of so much joy!!! FINALLY ENGAGED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND BEST FATHER TO OUR 2 BOYS !!! ??? By the way no one knew, he kept it a secret from everyone.

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