Melissa and Brian

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How We Met

brian and I met in 7th grade, he loved me and I didn’t love him. We remained very close for many years and then our friendship dwindled. We reconnected on Instagram a few years later, after both getting out of long term (crappy) relationships and on our first date we knew this was it. We were meant to be together forever. It was never a matter if we would become engaged, it was always a matter of when. 3 months later, I was pregnant with our son. Around the same time I found out I was pregnant we found out that my mother, who has been battling breast cancer since 2008, was terminal. It was a rough time for me and my entire family, but Brian never budged. He did anything and everything he could to help and be supportive. About a week ago we found out we weren’t sure how long we would have left with my mom.

how they asked

Brian knew how important planning a wedding with my mom was to me and that I was always afraid to not have her around. Since moving into our first place, as a family, I became obsessed with plants. Succulents to be exact. Brian said he bought me some new plants and I should go water them. I excitedly, jumped up and was ready to go outside and stare at these beauty’s. I didn’t walk to my new plants right away, and Brian being Brian became to excited to give me a minute to get there. He said “since you didn’t walk to your new plant first ya dummy……” When I turned around he grabbed the box off of the table and dropped down to one knee. I squealed, our son screamed “MAMA!!!” and Brian asked if I would spend the rest of eternity together. Of course I said YES!!!!! It was simple and perfect, just like he is.
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