Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

Brandon and Melissa have been dating for seven years! Make sure you check out their adorable proposal video at the bottom of the post!
How We Met: One weekend my best friend and I decided to have a dinner & movie date, and when our movie was over we left the theater only to run into Brandon and his friend, Roland. Since Brandon and Emily already knew each other, they exchanged hello’s while Brandon introduced himself to me. Brandon asked if we wanted to sneak into the movie he and his buddy were seeing so we could hang out a little bit – we thought that’d be cool (little did we know the movie they picked was super lame – Brandon claims they got the wrong movie tickets). During the movie, Brandon asked Roland what my name was. Roland responded, “I think it’s Elizabeth?!” The movie ended and Brandon asked if he could drive Emily and I to my car because we weren’t so lucky getting a front row spot like Brandon did. He took us to my car then asked if he could get my number. I said to Brandon, you don’t even know my name! He responded, “It’s Elizabeth!” Emily and I got quite a laugh, but end of story… he got my number!

Image 1 of Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

Image 2 of Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

how they asked: Every Easter my family has the “kids” participate in an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. So this year going to my dad’s house I knew this was what to expect! However, this Easter we were not going to make it to the Easter church service with Brandon’s family like we typically do and when Brandon told his mom about us not going (we had our house-warming party the night before) she seemed quite upset (as did I for seeing her all upset), but little did I know it was all an act! To make up for us not meeting Brandon’s family at church, Brandon decided to invite them over to my parent’s house for the infamous Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner. Of course, they came.

We made it to my parent’s house and Brandon was (anxiously) awaiting the arrival of his family so we could get the show on the road. My dad asked, “Who’s ready to hunt some eggs?!”- Which was our cue to go sit in the dining room while the eggs where hid. Brandon typically opts out of the egg hunts, so when he decided to not do it this year it didn’t faze me.

To fill you in on the egg hunt, my parents fill the eggs with candy and pieces of paper with numbers on them (1-15). Each person that gets a number is able to draw from a pile of goodies, like: lottery tickets, gift cards, cash, etc. in numerical order.

We got the word that all eggs have been perfectly hidden and now it’s time for the hunt! As I’m out there trying to get all the good ones I realized that I couldn’t find anymore and started to head back to the deck. Brandon then says, “Babe! I see one right there!! Hurry, grab it!” So I turned around and saw a golden egg (courtesy of Brandon’s mom) positioned in the mouth of a frog-pot-type-thing. I quickly grabbed it and placed it in my sack. The hunt was over and it’s now time to claim our prizes! I was a lucky girl because not only did I get several numbers, but I also got the “Jackpot” ticket! In my mind, I was thinking I was going to receive a more expensive lottery ticket – little did I know what was in store! My dad claims to have said “Anne, go get the TV!” to throw off any suspension I might have had, but I didn’t even hear him because I was too busy picking my prizes. Numbers 1-15 get called, prizes are picked… My dad then asks, “Who has the Jackpot?” I replied, “I DO!” Then Brandon walked to my side, pulled me up from the chair I was seated in – everyone was staring at me, smiling – then Brandon spoke the sweet words of, “You know I love you more than anything, right?!” At this moment, I knew what I had been waiting for was finally happening to me and I completely lost it. Brandon then went on one knee and asked if I would MARRY HIM, filled with happiness (and tears) I said YES!!

Image 3 of Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

Image 4 of Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

Image 5 of Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

Image 6 of Melissa and Brandon {Proposal Video}

Engagement photos by Me o’ My Photography
Engagement ring designed by Zales