Melissa and Branden

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Los Olivos, California

How We Met

Branden and I met through mutual friends. We had both graduated from college and were on our way to some serious adulting. A few nights after Thanksgiving of 2016, we were at a party at a mutual friend’s home. I walked in with a friend and met a couple of people before going to the comfort of one of the corners in the room. Branden would later inquire about the red-head that walked in with Jackie. That inquiry would be met with dinner dates, lots of ice skating, and eventually a promise that would make me his for the rest of our lives.

how they asked

I am a teacher, so I have summers off. After our Europe trip in the spring, Branden and I had decided that we would take small weekend trips throughout the summer. When he asked if I would like to do a weekend wine tasting up in Los Olivos, I quickly said yes. Leading up to the trip my friends tried to convince me that “this was it,” it was “what I had been waiting for!” but I was not convinced. We had many conversations about how important it was to me to have my family there on the day that I got engaged. My family had gone above and beyond to make sure that I knew my dad would be traveling in China, and I thought he would not be home until the end of the weekend.

To further throw me off, Branden had convinced me to invite my sister up for a day to go wine tasting. As we pulled up to the vineyard, I was happy to see her sitting and waiting for us. Ready to get starting on the tasting part of the weekend, I asked them if they wanted to head inside the winery. Having predetermined that having a wine glass in my hands would make things difficult, they quickly agreed that we should take pictures first, then head inside. Not wanting to be difficult, I agreed. The three of us walked into the vineyard. About halfway through, we stopped to take a few photos. After only a few clicks, my sister asked to take some of Branden and me. My sister took about two photos before Branden took my hands in his, told me everything he loved about me, and asked me to marry him.

After I said yes, he told me that both of our families were down in the winery waiting to celebrate with us.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Los Olivos, California