Melissa and Bradley

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How We Met

Brad and I first met on St. Patrick’s Day 2014 when we were introduces by mutual friends. Although there was an immediate spark, we were both in long term relationships and tried our best to ignore what we could both so obviously feel. Months went by before we saw one another or spoke again, but we never stopped thinking, “What if?” That summer, we both ended our tumultuous relationships and before long, the same mutual friends that introduced us the first time, brought us together once more. This time, there was no denying the intense connection between us. We exchanged phone numbers that evening and text messaged for two straight days talking about everything under the sun, including when we could see eachother again. We met at the local fair and walked around hand-in-hand discussing our lives more in depth and ending our second date together in the beer tent, deep in conversation. It was that night that we first kissed. It was magical. It was as though our souls were finally connecting with their long lost mate and each of our hearts immediately healed from our recent breakups. At that moment, the world was spinning around me and I knew my universe would never be the same. We quickly became inseparable, moved in together and fell deep, deeply in love. Within months we adopted a furbaby, spoke about marriage and our future together, and dreamt about one day becoming husband and wife. The first year was wonderful. We spent many nights around a bonfire or at our kitchen table talking for hours about who knows what. We learned more about one another, our faults, our imperfections, our quirks. I had never been so sure about anyone or anything.

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how they asked

The two of us enjoyed traveling together, especially roadtripping and exploring Michigan’s natural beauty. We decided to spend Labor Day Weekend and our first anniversary together in the Upper Peninsula on a massive roadtrip. We planned our vacation and chose to visit some of the most beautiful places in Michigan: Escanaba, Copper Harbor, Marquette, Munising, The Pictured Rocks, Grand Marais, Tahquemenon Falls, St. Ignace, and numerous other small towns. The first full day of our vacation was spent going to local breweries for lunch and driving all the way to the tip top of the UP to visit Michigan’s most northern point, Copper Harbor. The small town sits at the end of the Keewenaw Peninsula on Lake Superior. Once arriving, we walked around the town, explored a marina, and decided to trek up Brockway Mountain Drive in hopes of catching the sunset over Lake Superior. There were many turn arounds along the windy, steep, gravel road and we stopped to enjoy ourselves at all of them while admiring the breathtaking views of Copper Harbor, Lake Superior, and the pristine, untouched, acres of tree-filled mountains. At the last turn around before we headed down the mountain, we stopped again to breath the fresh air and gawk over the beauty of the scenery.

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The sun was just beginning to set over Lake Superior and shades of orange, pink, blue and purple were painted in the sky. On one side of the mountain, we could see the calmness and vastness of Lake Superior, while on the other side, we couldn’t see anything but trees and serene nature for miles and miles. It was breathtaking. Brad was holding me from behind, something that he does often, and expressing his desire to love and cherish me for the rest of his life as long as we both shall live. My heart began to overflow with love and tears of happiness were falling my eyes. I had never felt so much truth, love, and happiness in my life. I wanted was to kiss him. I needed to kiss him. I broke free of his hug and turned around to finally feel his lips against mine, but instead, he was down on one knee, ring box in hand, and he said those words that I had been dreaming about since the moment I laid eyes on him in that smoke filled bar just 18 months prior. “Will you be my wife?” Tears of joy poured from my eyes as I questioned what was happening. “Are you sure? Are you sure?” I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that this handsome, loving, hard-working, and sincere man wanted ME to be his wife. “I’ve never been more sure in my entire life,” he whispered through my hysterics. “YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” I don’t know if I have ever hugged him and tight as I did in that moment. Life was perfect. It has been 6 months since that moment, and each day I feel more and more blessed to have this man by my side through the ups and downs of life.
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