Melissa and Brad

Image 1 of Melissa and Brad

How We Met

Brad was my high school math tutor. I was his boss in newspaper AND student council (nerd). We were kind of friends but more of acquaintances in high school. We met up a year into college at his best friend’s party at a cabin in the woods and the rest was history.

how they asked

I studied abroad in Northern Ireland during our junior year of college. It was tough being a part from each other for so long, but I’d truly fallen in love with the country. Not to mention we had an incredible time when Brad came to visit me for a week. One of our favorite things was a hilly hike at Giant’s Causeway.

FAST FORWARD a few years and we decided to take a return trip. Over the past year I’d become obsessed with taking jumping pictures (late to the party, I know). The Christmas before our trip Brad bought me a tripod for my camera to capture all of our future jumping pics (yay!) Little did I know he had an amazing one planned when we did the same hike we’d done years ago when I was living in Northern Ireland. :)

Image 2 of Melissa and Brad