Melissa and Brad

Image 1 of Melissa and Brad

How We Met

Brad and I met our freshman year of college at Temple University whereby fate we were in the same dorm just a few doors away from each other. We didn’t start seriously talking until we came back from winter break- we immediately clicked and began dating halfway through our freshman year. Our relationship hasn’t exactly been easy.

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During our five years together, we spent almost half of our relationship doing long distance, from Italy to Philadelphia to Baltimore, Florida, and New Jersey. It wasn’t easy and we were more than ready to finally be together. In April of 2017, I received a job offer in Florida where Brad had been living. We were so excited to FINALLY be together for good.

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how they asked

Fast forward to May of 2018, we went on our first vacation out of the country together- a cruise! The second night of the cruise, Brad convinced me to go watch the sunset after dinner. I had a horrible headache and wanted to get changed out of my formal clothes, but Brad wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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We went to watch the sunset and it was absolutely stunning… so much so that I was so distracted taking pictures that I didn’t even notice brad telling the couple behind us that he was about to propose and to take a million pictures.

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