Melissa and Blair


How We Met

Blair and I met all the way back on our high school swim team 10 years ago. He was the varsity water polo captain and I was a sophomore with a crush. Our high school had a rule where anyone on the water polo team also had to participate on the swim team, which lucky for me, meant swim practices and swim team events with Blair. He was the poster child for a Southern California surfer boy, with his long blond hair and pick-up truck and I was as shy as can be. A moment that I will never forget was when the swim team had a beach barbeque and I needed a ride home. Blair took me and two of my friends home in his truck, where we giggled and whispered to each other the whole way and it was love at first sight but nothing came of it. Flash forward 4 years later in college. We exchanged a few messages via social media here and there but it wasn’t until I graduated college that we fell into place. It took one date in our hometown and the rest was history.

how they asked

Blair and I dated long distance between Southern California and San Francisco for almost 2 years. When I finally made the move the Bay Area to live with him, it was extremely hard to leave home. Since both our families were both still where we grew up, we spent a lot of time going back and visiting. We made the 9 hour drive almost once a month. In May of 2016, however, Blair was insistent on making the drive down 2 times in 2 weeks. This confused me very much since we were in the process of moving and buying a house and my family was away on vacation.  We never drive down unless our families are around. I questioned him constantly never making the connection that he was not only buying a ring but planning a proposal.

The day of the proposal I was convinced we came down to Southern California for Mother’s Day. He set up a plot where we were going to take a walk and then do a Mother’s Day dinner with our mom’s after. Little did I know there was no Mother’s Day dinner after and we were about to get engaged. Blair took me down to lighthouse on the cliffs where have walked many times in the early days of our relationship. He kept asking if we wanted to take a picture and I clueless me kept complaining about my hair and the wind. Finally, we got a spot where the wind subsided and the view of the lighthouse was clear, that’s when Blair went up a couple having a picnic, asked them the take a picture of us, told the man he was about to propose, and got down on one knee. I was a ball of tears! I was surprised I forgot to say yes! After that magical moment Blair took me to the place where we had our first date where both our families were waiting to celebrate! It was truly a magical day.