Melissa and Ashley

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Warrnambool, VIC

Well the way we first met was funny and a memory I keep close I was working at leading edge electronics with Ashley’s younger brother Sam or Barbie as he was known. So Sam asked Ashley to distract me at the time both Bernie and Sam weren’t interested in girls so Ashley came over and started talking to me. Fast forward 7 or 8 years and I’m out drinking with some girlfriends and who walks in none other than Ashley we started talking added each other on Facebook and he left and I went and enjoyed the rest of my night with my girls. We started dating and just really enjoying each other and spending time with each other so we were together for roughly 9-10months and he asks me if we wanted to go for a drive down to the breakwater (it’s freezing cold) I’m like yeah okay at this point his not looking at me and just answering me with one word answers I asked him what’s wrong his like nothing I just love you so much. I’m like okay I love you to babe. He asks if we can get out of the car it’s freezing but okay so we are walking along the breakwater and his like I want to walk near the boat ramp so I follow him (he tried to push me in the water) so we are heading back to the car and there is a light post I was walking in front of him he yells mel hold on so I turn around and here he is on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life and he asks me Mel will you marry me. I turn around and all that comes out is “are you fucking kidding me” clearly in shock!. I said yes!! He says I can’t imagine my life without you in it princess. I said to him did you ask my dad (I’m very big family person so it was important) ash said yes I did and he is so happy for you. So then I rang my mum and asked if she was home she’s like yeah what’s up (playing dumb) I rang and rang my little cousin Maddy (she is like a sister to me) finally got hold of her asked if she was home there is something I need to tell you. Did the rounds with my family and then went and seen his mum and dad Ashley’s mum cried she was so happy for us she actually helped Ashley choose my ring a big group hug later and I’m crying like a baby.