Melissa and Artour

Where to Propose in Central Park, NYC

How We Met

For Halloween a few years ago, my group of friends and I decided to attend a party at our university. Dressed in coordinated costumes (our high school uniforms, obviously), we danced the night away and snapped photos as any group of twenty year olds could. At one point in the night, we moved across the dance floor to meet another group of friends. As we made our way through the crowd, I grabbed a stranger’s bright orange hard hat. Well, lucky for me, that stranger ended up being pretty cute (and not too upset for stealing his costume). We danced a bit, he asked for my number, and a few weeks later we went on our first date. Now, a few careers, miles of long distance, and six years later, I can call that guy in the hard hat my husband-to-be!

how they asked

A Central Park Proposal Together with a group of friends, my boyfriend and I headed to New York City for a weekend getaway. On Sunday morning, he and I went to Central Park to meet with a friend who studies in New York. As we got to the park, I noticed a photographer snapping pictures. Initially I thought it was a street photographer taking photos of random subjects – “Wow!” I thought, “Maybe I’ll finally make it onto a street style blog, and in New York! Vogue, here I come”. As we kept walking through the park, I noticed the same initial photographer continue to pop up wherever we’d turn – I mentioned this coincidence to my boyfriend, but he just laughed and said I was imagining things. We finally arrived to the meeting point beside a pond, where the same photographer came up to us and offered to take a photo of us for his collection. As we posed for the photo, my boyfriend turned to me and got down on one knee. Even though I started to suspect something when I noticed the photographer, I was in complete shock! He proposed, and on a bridge on the other side of the pond were all of our friends holding signs that said “MEL WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. I cried, said “oh my God!” a dozen times, and said yes! The photographer was amazing and we ended up doing a photoshoot with our friends in the park before heading off to a celebratory brunch (any excuse for a mimosa!). Not only was it in the best city in the world, we got to celebrate with our loved ones too!

Melissa and Artour's Engagement in Central Park, NYC

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