Melissa and Aquiles

How We Met

We first met back in November of 2012. My sister had a social app on her phone called “Path”, sort of like a Facebook but not as popular. She was friends with Aquiles on there. One day, she shared a photo of her and I on her feed and Aquiles instantly commented on the photo saying “Tell your sister I said hi! ??“ (meaning me, lol).

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

So, of course, she told me and I was like “Is he cute?!” She shows me his photo and I said: “I need to make an account!” So I sure did and I thought to myself that I was going to get this guy! I immediately made an account. My sister gave me a nice shoutout and Aquiles friended me right away. We ended up chatting all day through text and met just a few days later in person. After our first meeting, we were inseparable!

how they asked

In February 2018, we celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary. He surprised me with a 9 day trip to Paris for July of 2018. Oh my god! You can only have imagined my reaction. Fast forward 5 months and we are in Paris, thoroughly enjoying our vacation. 3 days in and we made the amazing trip to go see the beautiful Eiffel Tower in person! We finally made it and of course, we needed a photo in front! He is a photographer so as he normally does, he sets up his tripod with me in the frame so he can jump in the picture with me after the timer is set.

I am standing in front of the camera waiting for him to get the perfect frame. He says “Ok babe, got it! I’m coming.” Walks over to me as to what I thought was to put his arm around me for our photo and next thing I know he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! He was so nervous he forgot his whole planned speech. I was in such shock, the whole world was spinning around me. He had been planning this for 6 months and I had no idea. He continually makes all of my dreams come true!

Melissa and Aquiles's Engagement in Paris, France