Melissa and Andrew

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How We Met

Andy and I met in college my sophomore year. His fraternity, Acacia, was right next door to my college house. My roommates and I were regulars at their parties every weekend. Andy and I actually met when he was cleaning smashed eggs off of their front porch while I was walking past. (He was pledging at the time) We instantly hit it off, and quickly became best friends. We both were completely friend zoned, though. We even joked about how we had no interest in each other in that way! Until… that summer, we found out that my family’s mountain house was just miles from his family’s home.

We spent every weekend together that summer, and we slowly developed feelings for each other. I was hesitant about getting too serious, as my soon-to-be roommate was previously seeing him. (Yikes). Eventually, I talked to my roommate and she was completely fine with the situation. She had already moved on by then, as well. Andy made dinner for me one night, then asked me to be his girlfriend. September 13, 2016 marks four years that we’ve been together. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. He’s the guy that everyone wants to be friends with. He’s hilarious, kind, loyal, and adorable.

how they asked

Andy and I are huge Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fans. We go to as many games as possible every year. He bought us tickets to the Penguins home opener this October, which was a huge deal. The Penguins just came off a winning season, earning the title of the Stanley Cup Champions. This meant the home opener game would host the raising of the banner, AND the Stanley Cup would be there. This is every hockey fan’s dream. That night, my cousin’s Michael and Ann were eating dinner with us at TGI Fridays before the game. Our best friend Lindsay joined us for drinks.

After, we started walking toward the arena to get into the game, and Andy mentioned he wanted to get a picture in front of the Mario Lemieux statue. Everyone whips their phones out, and Andy got down on one knee and proposed! This was literally my dream come true.

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Everyone else was in on this and knew it would happen! I always hoped and wished he would do it at a Penguins game! I sobbed happy tears. This was the best day of my life, and I had no idea it was coming.

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