Melissa and Allain

Image 2 of Melissa and AllainHow we met: After just coming out of a really draining relationship I was not looking for anyone. I joined a dating website to try and meet someone knew most of my friends had great success from it and thought why not. I stumbled upon Allains profile of course his big green eyes caught my attention the tattoos were the icing on the cake. I made the first move and took a chance and said hello. Was pretty excited when I got a response. We spoke on the site for a bit then through text, he was working at out town at the time and had just moved to Calgary from New Brunswick, we had made plans to meet a couple days after we got back, but we both couldn’t wait to meet each other and met the night he got back, if I remember correctly I made fun of how he drove his car and commented that he looked taller in his photos, I know I’m mean. On top of that he had lost his voice and he was very shy, but I tried to break him out of his shell. Our second date he came to my place and he watched a movie, I of course ended up with the stomach flu, not very attractive but he stayed by my side and that’s when I knew this was the man I was gonna spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked: Allain and I were coming up to our 3 year anniversary and of course my 30th birthday. I had enough of planning my birthdays as they never work out so I gave him the power. I had been struggling all year with health concerns and was in the hospital numerous times before my birthday. So I wasn’t very excited about the day. The Saturday before I woke up with no plans or thoughts, and a bit upset that no one had asked me what we should do or what I wanted to do. But Allain told me first thing in the morning that he wanted to take me to go get my nails done (like that’s not suspicious) he waited as I got my nails all nice and pretty, the plan was to drop the dog off at my parents then off to dinner. We got there and I started to get more suspicious when I saw my moms blinds closed (which she never does) then saw two kids run by the front door through the glass, I only have one nephew so I was Image 1 of Melissa and Allaineven more suspicious. When I asked Allain what was going on he smiled and said I have no idea what your talking about. I walked in and it was all my family and friends saying “surprise!!!!”…wait you wanna know about the engagement right? Well after all the excitement of the surprise, we ate and I noticed Allain was distant and nervous family seemed overly excited something was clearly going on. My mom sat me down at the big table and everyone crowded around with their cameras and I felt like it was at a press conference. Allain came in the room with the cake in front of me with a vanilla and pink icing cake, there was a white box on the cake the writing on the cake wrote ” I like it so can I put a ring on it” in the box was a ring pop I thought it was a joke and looked over and saw Allain on his knee nervous as hell with the ring in his hand and ask me to marry him. I of course said yes. I was so happy he had asked me not only on my birthday but in front in my whole family. I never thought with all my health issues I’ve had to endure my whole life I would make it to this moment. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.