Melissa and Alex

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How We Met

In the Fall of 2009, I was in class going through all the apps on my phone trying to pass the time. I had been meddling with dating apps back then and had stumbled upon one that had me answer questions about myself and gave me a score. Based on the score you got it would show you people who were of similar scores to you. I had come across a handsome man named Alex with a similar score to my own and decided to message him. We exchanged messages for a few weeks and I finally grew tired of the app and gave him my number. This was my in! Little did I know our relationship would flourish into 8 years, a house, and our fur babies.

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how they asked

I had just got done with finals and was looking forward to finally having some time with Alex and family during Christmas time. I needed some time to breathe since I had been tucked away studying. Alex had thrown out the idea of taking me out the weekend prior to Christmas because he knew I needed it. He spoke about a beautiful restaurant near the beach in Laguna. He said he got us a reservation at 5 pm and we couldn’t be late because it was a hard reservation to get. Skeptical about this restaurant he wouldn’t tell me the name of I obliged and was just happy he was taking me out just him and me after the weeks of studying I had endured. We drove down to Laguna Beach and got there early so he pulled the car over and wanted me to look for a CVS because he needed some cough medicine.

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Needless to say, I wasn’t questioning why he had pulled over lol usually he would just ask me to waze as we drive. As we sat googling he got a call from his best friend. He picked up and he looked worried but then calmed down. When I asked him what happened he said that his friend was arguing with her husband and needed to talk. I thought this was odd but the way he answered me just made me want to make sure she was ok because she never called like that. He said she was fine so we proceeded to go to CVS. Upon checkout, he was rushing me all of a sudden. Thinking about the reservation I ran to the car. About halfway to the “restaurant” he hands me a red tie and tells me to put it on like a blindfold. I wear it without question and he’s driving like a maniac trying to get to the “restaurant” lol. Finally, we park and he helps me out of the car and walks me down a hill and some steps. I asked if I could adjust the tie so I could see enough so I can step down if need be, he agreed.

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We continue to walk as I can just see enough under the red tie to make out the steps and I see one red rose petal on the ground. I think to myself oh that’s cute, nothing more nothing less lol. We start walking down a staircase and I can hear the waves. He grips my hand tighter and tells me I can take off the tie. I take off the tie and see more and more red rose petals on the steps that are lit with tea light candles all the way down that leads to a heart in the sand made with the same rose petals and candles. My eyes immediately welled with tears realizing what’s going on. Still making our way down the staircase he’s giving me the most wonderful yet funny speech. We finally make our way into the center of the circle and I see his best friend (the one from the phone) and another friend who has her camera taking pictures of us. I’m still with many tears looking at him as he knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!

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