Melisa and Lloyd

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How We Met

The moment I met Mr. Fetter I knew he was special. We connected effortlessly and our friendship and romance grew more special day by day. After our first date I nicknamed him Mr. Awesome. By the end of this story you will see why he’s so deserving of the name.

Lloyd and I have been together for three and a half years. These years have been very profound. I always dreamed of meeting someone like him and the day I met him I realized dreams do come true.

how they asked

I am a born and raised Brooklynite. I am also a self taught Makeup Artist. I work closely with a lot of photographers on photo shoots. My friend and amazing photographer Nicole Mondestin called me one day about a photo shoot opportunity for a magazine. I was excited for my friend and I was more excited when she asked me to be the model for the shoot. I thought this could be a big break for the both of us.

she told me that it would be a glam shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge and the colors I should wear should be nude, blush or Rose Gold. I was excited so I purchased a beautiful blush colored dress with rose gold shoes and rose gold nails. the day of the photo shoot on August 6, 2016 as I was doing my makeup and getting dressed for the shoot. It was raining cats and dogs. It was very dark and stormy outside. I text Nicole to ask her if we would still do the shoot and she said the rain should clear up before sunset.

As soon as I walked out my door to get in the car the sun came out. When I arrived at the bridge I met Nicole at the top of the bridge and she informed me that the editor from the magazine was on her way. After waiting around for about 15 minutes Nicole told me the editor was coming from the manhattan side of the bridge and we should start walking up to meet her. She told me that she would start taking pictures of me walking up.

As I was walking up and posing I tried to look as glamorous as possible. Nicole was snapping away while I walked. Then my cousin turned around and gave me flowers and I was in shock “why are you on the bridge” then my brother, cousins, aunt and my dad all turned around and gave me more flowers.

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I was confused at this point as to what was going on. Then I saw my mom and she handed me the last flower and when she moved to the side there Lloyd was on one knee on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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I was truly speechless, so many different feelings overtaking me at once. The bridge was crowded with so many onlookers, who stopped to witness my proposal to. Lloyd looked at me and said “Melisa Onika Martin , would you make me the richest man on earth by being my wife and I nodded my head yes.

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Everybody started clapping and screaming it was such an amazing moment. The proposal happened exactly at sunset. The weather was beautiful.

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I was surrounded by so much love, I even received a tremendous amount of love from the people on the bridge that I didn’t even know.

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Everybody on the bridge and my Mr. Awesome fiancé made my proposal the most magical and romantic moment of my life.

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After the kisses, hugs and congratulations from everyone we had a mini photo shoot on the bridge with my family and fiancé. My engagement far exceeded anything I could ever imagine. That’s why Mr. Fetter will forever always be my Mr. Awesome.

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Special Thanks

Nicole Mondestin
 | Nicolemondestinphotography