Melinda and Jake

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How We Met

Jake is one of five children. Back in 2014, I started a job where I worked with one of his brothers, Jeff. Jeff and I became good friends and over the course of the one year I worked there, Jeff mentioned once or twice that he wanted to introduce me to his brother, Jake. I was in a busy place in my life – starting my career, working on my professional and personal goals, traveling frequently, and had an active social calendar with coworkers, friends, family, etc. I never knew how serious Jeff actually was about introducing me to Jake and would laugh it off while telling him I’d be willing to meet Jake “one day”. Fast forward two years (last summer)…Jeff and I had lost touch for a bit since leaving our former company and reconnected at a friend’s BBQ. He told me again that he wanted to introduce me to his brother and this time I happily agreed, “okay”…still unsure of if it would actually happen. A few weeks later I found myself on a double-date with Jeff, Jeff’s fiance, and Jake. I remember the first time I saw Jake and immediately thinking how handsome he was! I was so intrigued by him right away – he was funny, easy to talk to, had interesting life and travel stories to share, and I just felt an instant connection (and chemistry!) with him. I knew I wanted to see him again. Our relationship progressed quickly after our initial set-up…we got along so effortlessly and it felt like everything just fell into place. We share so many of the same interests, hobbies, dreams, goals, and most of all we share the same deep passion for travel, adventure, and new experiences. We knew within the first few months of dating that we both had found “The One”. We did more in our first six months of dating than most people do after dating for many years. We have been to Singapore, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy together….and stay equally busy and adventurous during our weekends at home in San Diego. I am forever grateful to Jeff for being persistent (haha) and introducing me to Jake. Jake makes life so much better and more fun – I have fun with him no matter what we are doing! We are partners in every way and being with Jake makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I cherish Jake and am so excited about our very own “happily ever after”. My favorite love story is ours… Us together:

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Us in Milan on our way home from the proposal:

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how they asked

For my birthday in March, Jake planned a ski trip to Europe for us along with some of his family and friends. We spent one week traveling through Austria and Switzerland and ended in Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. On the second to last day of the trip, Jake arranged for us, his brother, and two friends visiting from Italy (Federica and Simone) to go see the Matterhorn. We got up there and it was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and you could see the Matterhorn PERFECTLY! We went to this viewpoint where there was a cute Swiss restaurant and a place to see the mountain straight on. Jake excused himself to “use the restroom” and I thought nothing of it. Little did I know he was getting ready to ask me the most important question of my life.

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I proceeded to the viewpoint and was in awe of the Matterhorn – it was so majestic in person! I started taking photos and that’s when I noticed nobody else from the group was around me. Just as I was realizing this, I felt Jake’s hand on my back. We stood there admiring the scene for a moment…everything was quiet and peaceful. Jake asked me, “Do you know how much I love you?” to which I replied, “yes”. I mentioned something about going to another spot to take photos and took a sip of water. While distracted, I didn’t notice anything else until I turned to realize Jake was bending down on his knee and had pulled out a ring box. I was in shock! I am an inquisitive person and after asking a few questions (like, “who knew??”) because of my surprise, I said, “yes”!!!

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Federica, SImone, and Kevin cheered us on and we proceeded to celebrate with drinks, photos, and exploring more of Zermatt. Our photographers:

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Jake did such a great job at planning everything. Proposing at such an iconic place gives us such an amazing story to tell – it’s the most unique place I’ve ever heard of for a proposal! Considering how much we both love to travel, this also gives us the PERFECT excuse to visit Zermatt again in the future! And, every time we see a Toblerone chocolate bar or visit Disneyland, we will be reminded of our proposal and all of the great memories. Thank you Jake for this day and for asking me to be your wife! I love you.

Special Thanks

Federica Sacchi
 | Photographer
Simone Curti
 | Photographer
Kevin Gilbert
 | Photographer