Melinda and Greg

How we met

Melinda and I actually met on tinder. We matched a week after she moved to Colorado from Oregon, and went out for coffee on our first date. She threatened to kidnap me since I was scheduled to deploy soon after; Melinda says it was just a joke but I have my suspicions.

How he asked

That is really exciting news! For the proposal, we went on a hike near Red Rocks Amphitheater, and I hired a professional photographer to get candid shots of the proposal. At the top of the hike (it was only about a mile long), Melinda started walking away, but I called to her and as she turned around, I dropped to one knee and proposed; Melinda immediately started crying and had to hold on the nearby fence for support. I meant to tell her how much I love her and other sappy stuff but I started getting choked up too, so I could only get the question out (she said yes lol).

Special Thanks

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