Melinda and Galen

How We Met

Although Melinda & Galen originate from the same hometown of Falmouth, MA and even attended the same high school two years apart, they met officially through friends at Toby Keith’s in Foxboro, MA at the beginning of 2013. They reconnected in January of 2015 when Galen was living in Fredericksburg, VA and Melinda were living in Falmouth with frequent work-related traveling to that area.

Where to Propose in New Bedford Regional Airport

Their love story began in February of ‘15 and they spent the first few months committing to a long-distance relationship where Melinda would sneak in quality time from her work trips and Galen would shoot up from VA to MA to surprise her on long weekends, until June of that year when he moved back to MA to be closer to her!

how they asked

For as long as Galen can remember, he has always wanted to fly airplanes and he achieved one of his many flying-related goals by owning his own plane and receiving his Private Pilot License. With this obsession in mind, Galen knew exactly how he wanted to propose to Melinda. In his plane of course! She always supported his love (obsession) of flying, so he thought she would love this idea.

Galen asked his mom and sister to think of ways he could make the airplane proposal perfect. Since he flies a 4-seater plane, for safety reasons the weather needed to be top-notch. With the ideas in Galen’s head and the brain power of his mom and sister, he knew just what he would do! The weekend Galen finally had the perfect ring and perfect weather happened to be at the end of Melinda’s best friend and now maid-of-honor, Lindsey’s wedding weekend!

On 3-11-2018, on the way home from Lindsey’s wedding in Salem, Galen suggested to Melinda, the tired and hungover bridesmaid, that that they should go flying. With great hesitation, Melinda decided that she would go with Galen to do a few take-offs and landings at New Bedford Regional Airport where Galen’s airplane is kept.

While they were in the air, Galen and Melinda’s immediate families ran out into the runway with the 50-foot long sign that his sister made for him that read “MELINDA, COPILOT FOREVER?” they just hoped she would see it! When they landed and were taxiing the runway, Melinda glanced over and did a double-take at a huge sign and saw what it said, she bawled her eyes out hysterically (as did everyone else that saw the Galen’s GoPro video of her reaction).

Galen then got out of the plane and ran over to his sister Ally who had the ring, ran back over to happy-crying Melinda and asked her to be his co-pilot for life! BEST HANGOVER EVER!