Melinda and Dan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On Thanksgiving

How We Met

Dan and I met on a dating site. Little did we know his daughter and my younger cousin were friends and went to the same high school. We dated for roughly 9 months and then came October-the month that was extremely hard on my family. October my 93 yr old grandfather passed then not even two weeks later my uncle died of a massive heart attack unexpectedly. So basically by thanksgiving, my family was just over everything but we still went through the motions of having a traditional family dinner.

how they asked

Thanksgiving day we went to my aunts and unexpectedly Dan’s three kids showed up. We went around the table trying to say what we were thankful for and that was when Dan said he was thankful for his kids and for me and my family. It was then that he handed me, my great great grandmothers, China sugar bowl and as you could imagine I was extremely confused. I opened it and there was a smaller box.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On Thanksgiving

I then opened the smaller box and there was my gorgeous engagement ring. He bent down and asked me to marry him. I said yes and funny enough I wasn’t paying attention to everyone recording the proposal on their phones. I got up and gave the kids a huge hug and asked them if they were ok with this and the rest is history. I think that was the biggest surprise I’ve ever had. Apparently, he took his oldest daughter and my younger cousin shopping for my ring and it truly is gorgeous I couldn’t have picked out a more perfect ring and way to propose. He said he wanted to bring some light and goodness back to my family with all we had been through the previous month. So excited to start our journey.