Melinda and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie and I come from two totally different worlds, so we are both certain that under any other circumstances, we would not have met. Charlie had just graduated with a degree in history and he had no clue what job he wanted to pursue, so he decided to work on the mountain where he grew up skiing with his family. I moved to NYC right when I graduated and after working in interior design for about a year, I decided to quit my job and take time to figure out what would really make me happy. On a whim, I decided to go somewhere completely new and chose Breckenridge, CO.

Melinda's Proposal in In front of Union Station in Denver, CO

Melinda and Charlie's Engagement in In front of Union Station in Denver, CO

When you work on the mountain at Breck, you have the opportunity to live in employee housing. The housing is completely random, based on when you show up at the start of the season. Shortly after my roommates and I moved into our building, I found a second job as a hostess at a restaurant in town. I started coming home each night after our second week of living in Breck to hear my roommates tell stories of the guys who moved in upstairs. I couldn’t wait for my night off so that I could finally meet our new friends! Meanwhile, the guys referred to me as “the mysterious fourth roommate”.

Proposal Ideas In front of Union Station in Denver, CO

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In front of Union Station in Denver, CO

It turned out that Charlie and I worked in the same building on the mountain. Apparently, he saw me out in the ski schoolyard, pulling the toddlers on a sled, and pointed me out to one of his roommates saying, “I hope she’s the mysterious fourth roommate”. When I finally had my night off from being a hostess, I knew we had plans to go out with these new guys that my roommates had been hanging out with. Charlie told me months later about how he had to “keep his cool” when I opened the door and he saw that I really was the mysterious fourth roommate.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In front of Union Station in Denver, CO

The eight of us spent a lot of time hanging out together after days on the mountain, but Charlie and I kept finding ourselves gravitating towards each other. Even though we felt like opposites in so many ways, we found that we also had a lot in common. Our friendship quickly turned into a relationship. Neither of us expected to ever fall in love when we each impulsively moved to Colorado, but after a season in the mountains and a month-long Euro trip, we were certain that we were meant to be together. Moving to Breck will forever be the best decision either of us has ever made!

how they asked

I have had a crazy busy year working to complete my Masters to become an elementary school teacher. This semester has been particularly busy juggling student teaching, working on my capstone project, and searching for jobs for next year, so I was thrilled when I got a job offer to be a 5th-grade literacy teacher at my dream school! Better yet, Charlie had just received an offer for a job he was super stoked about too. We decided that Friday night of that week would be the perfect time to celebrate our successes. Charlie told me that he would take me out to a surprise dinner. Since trying new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do, I did not think twice about his surprise.

Charlie and I live a few blocks away from Union Station, which is a Denver icon. We love to walk to all the cute restaurants in our neighborhood, but that Friday night it was unusually chilly and I really wanted to take an Uber. When Charlie insisted that we walk, I was disappointed, but my instinct told me not to push it. We took our regular route from behind the train station right towards downtown. As we approached the front of Union Station, Charlie grabbed my hands tight and told me to stop. He gave me a hug, told me he loved me, and then dropped down to one knee! He blurted out, “Will you marry me?” and of course I said, “Yes!” I was so excited that it took me a minute to realize that my friend, Julie, was right there taking pictures of us!

After a few great photos in what we now call “our spot”, Charlie let me know that we were heading to a steakhouse I had been dying to try, which is just two blocks away from Union Station. I wanted to call my parents right away, but Charlie insisted that I wait until we sat down at the restaurant. I was in such shock already that it never crossed my mind that there would be more surprises to come. As the hostess led us towards the back of the restaurant, I first saw Charlie’s dad, then his mom, and then my parents too! They all flew out from the east coast for the proposal. I thought Charlie had decided to propose because I got a job, but it turned out that he had it planned with our parents for months! Since Charlie was so nervous when he proposed, he gave me his heartfelt speech later that night when it was just the two of us back in our apartment. The entire weekend was truly such a dream with so much love and nonstop celebrations!

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