Melina and Ramey

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How We Met

My Fiance and I met by complete accident, and as tacky as it goes. I was in my 3rd year of uni and a friend (who is now my best friend) invited me to her 21st in Canberra out of kindness of not leaving me out. At the 21st i came across this beautiful, hilarious boy named Ramey. He fell in love with me and would skype me every day and convinced me to come to canberra and hang out many times. One thing lead to another and we both fell in love. From that he helped me finish my degree and find such an amazing career path.

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how they asked

After a long week of work i requested from my boyfriend of 5 years a day of fun on the coming Saturday. Little did i know, months of planning went into that day. I woke up thinking we were just going to a cute cafe he had picked for breakfast. We sat in the car and drove 30 minutes out of Canberra. During the car trip Ramey handed me a flyer and to my joy it was a llama farm open day. We got there early and the lady told us the day had been cancelled but offered us to go for a walk with the llamas. After 20 minutes of walking the llamas, Ramey started saying some really cute things and before i knew it he went down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest Egyptian in the world. Of course i had to say yes and as we kissed the llamas went in for a kiss too. We headed back to the main farm area and a picnic had been set up and a box was waiting there for the next clue of our adventure with a change of outfit he had picked himself. My phone was taken from me and we we headed to the next place and to my happiness it was a day spa. We were pampered with 4 hours of massages, facials, pedicures and manicures. When we had finished another box was waiting for me with melted chocolate and strawberrys for our next destination and a beautiful dress, shoes and jewelry. We headed to Telstra tower where we took photos and sat around waiting for the restaurant to open, i was getting frustrated it was taking so long to get in and asked the lady and she informed me the restaurant had been closed for 3 years. Cheeky Ramey handed me the clue to our next destination and i realised he was delaying us for some reason. We headed to a small Persian restaurant in Canberra called Safron where all my family and friends from Melbourne and Sydney jumped out and yelled surprise. Could not believe they had gone through all the trouble to organise a surprise engagement party. Truly a day i can never forget!

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