Melina and Kyle

Image 1 of Melina and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met a few years ago and started dating about a month after hanging out. Our relationship at that time was truthfully…not great. I was ready for something serious and he clearly was not. It was seeming like a one sided relationship, so eventually after 1.5 years, we called it quits. Four months after we broke up, Kyle realized he made a huge mistake and was ready to be the partner I deserved. At that point, I felt I had moved on and was unsure about giving him another chance. So he spent weeks (perhaps even a couple months) doing everything to prove himself and get me back. He really wanted to prove that he had grown up and was ready to put me first. He wanted to prove he was ready for the love and dedication I give in a relationship. After some time, we got back together and our relationship was unbelievably better. It was the relationship and love I wanted to always have with Kyle. I finally felt and knew THIS was it. I knew I wanted to spend forever with him and could forgive the past. I always thought that relationships that broke up & got back together were doomed, but it truthfully was the best thing to happen to our relationship. We grew up while apart and came back together so strong. Once we got back together, it went back to being the fun, outdoorsy, loving, adventurous relationship it always was (without the fights and immaturity getting in the way!)

how they asked

Kyle and I booked a dream trip for both of us…Kauai. One of his dreams was to backpack the Na Pali Coast on the Kalalau Trail. The photos looked beautiful and although the hike is considered incredibly dangerous and difficult…I was on board! Little did I know, he was planning something extra incredible for that backpacking trip. It was a 22 mile hike (total). And on the first day, about 4 miles into the hike, we came across a gorgeous lookout of the Na Pali Coast and a couple backpackers asked us to take some photos of them.

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We asked the same, except while I was facing the ocean and prepping my sweaty self to take a cute (yet cheesy) photo with Kyle, he let the other backpacker know what he was doing. I was posing and facing the ocean, thinking Kyle was taking photos of me and quickly turned around for a second only to see Kyle already down on one knee smiling from ear to ear. I’m not a crier, but I was so happy I started shaking and screaming with excitement. The moment couldn’t have been any more perfect!

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