Melina and Dylan

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how they asked

So, I (Melina) was told I was going to Cabo for my now fiancé’s 25th birthday by his father who wanted to surprise him. So I had known for 2 months that we were taking him to Cabo and I wasn’t able to talk to him about it.

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Little did I know that the surprise was on me and the whole thing was set up for a proposal. The day after we arrived in Cabo we had discussed going to nice dinner at the resort.

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Naturally we get dressed up and get ready to go. Well, at the last minute his parents decide not to go to dinner and just tell us to go without them. This was the first of many surprises that were to unveil that evening. So, we decide to go to dinner just the two of us. Since the hotel was very exclusive we had a worker escort us to our “dinner table” which turns out to be a private cabana on the beach. As we are sitting there I keep thinking wow this is really elaborate for a birthday dinner but I’m not surprised, as this resort goes above and beyond all expectations!

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About 5 min after we sat down I see a horse prancing in the distance and notice that it is coming our way. I turn to Dylan and say, “Dylan I think that horse is coming towards us?!” He takes my hand and says come with me… From then I realized what was all about to unfold and began to cry. There was a man on that horse and as he got closer and closer towards us I realize he is holding a ring box.

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The horse then kneels before us and the man hands my fiancé the ring. He then gets on one knee and asks me to marry him. But that was not all….we sit down and have a 5 course dinner and about halfway through dinner another man comes by with a large box wrapped like a present.

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He then tells me to open the box and when I open it inside is a large “drone” looking remote. He tells me, “Press THIS button”. I freak out but I press the button and in a short distance I see fireworks explode before my eyes.

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I couldn’t believe he had planned this for months all for me! Needless to say it was the best day of my life! xoxo- Melina

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