Her Father Got to Witness Her Engagement the Day Before He Passed Away

How We Met

Spencer and I met in the spring 2014 and fell in love instantly. We had a whirlwind romance over the summer, and knew we were meant to be together forever. When it came to introducing Spencer to my dad, I was very nervous… I was very close to my dad and his opinion was so important, but boyfriends was a subject my dad and I never agreed on and he never liked a single one of them. All I ever wanted was his approval! When he finally agreed to meet Spencer, I was shocked when they connected instantly with a bond that nobody could explain.

A few months later, things took a turn for the worse. My dad had been living with cancer for five years at that point, and in October of 2014 the doctors told us there was nothing else they could do.


I felt like my life was over- I couldn’t even begin to imagine life without him. As I sunk into a depression, I told Spencer I would never blame him for bowing out my life. We had only been dating for four months!

But he stood by my side and cared for me and my dad through the worst moments of our lives. He mowed the lawn, drove him to run errands, left work early to help him finish projects; even just sat and talked to him for hours to keep him company. He stayed up with me countless nights as I cried myself to sleep.

Out of nowhere, and completely out of character for him in every way, my dad suddenly began to bombard Spencer with a plea to marry me – even to the point of trying to plan our wedding before we were even engaged! He loved Spencer and I know he wanted to see him become a part of the family. I wanted so badly for my dad to see us engaged before he passed, but I knew I couldn’t ask anything more of Spencer, especially after such a short time together. More importantly, I wanted his decision to come from his heart

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A few months later, in early January of 2015, my dad declared that he wanted the family- my mom, my seven siblings, and all of his grandkids- to gather in Disneyland in March.

His Hospice nurses and doctors told us not to wait that long. We scrambled to make the trip happen, and met up in Disneyland on January 24, 2015. I was so wrapped up in my dad’s health, I was oblivious to the fact that Spencer was planning a surprise.

We met in front of the castle at Disneyland to take family photos, and at the end of the pictures Spencer grabbed my hands and turned him to face me. I went numb. I knew what was coming, and I could not believe he was making my dream come true.


I was shaking, speechless, and crying as he proposed to me two feet in front of my dad and the rest of my family. It was the most wonderful day of my life. I could not have been happier that my dad’s wishes to see me married to such an amazing man were coming true- for him, but for me too.


The next day, we made the long drive home back to Oregon. That morning, as unexpected as anything, my daddy passed on into heaven. Spencer will never fully understand what he gave me by proposing to me in front of my dad that day.



Some days it feels impossible to live without my dad, but Spencer is always by my side to help ease the pain. I am so grateful that they had that time to get to know each other, and that Spencer cares for my family as if they were his own. I am so grateful that I can build a life with Spencer knowing we have my dad’s blessing. Most of all, I am so grateful that I found a selfless, loving, kind and caring man that I love so deeply to spend the rest of my life with.

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