Melanie and Bobby

Image 1 of Melanie and BobbyHow we met is not a story of how sparks flew, but our story is something special.

Not many people can say they married their high school sweetheart. Bobby and I have been dating for 9 years, but we started as friends.

Bobby has always been active in sports. He played midget league football and I was a cheerleader at the football field that he played. This is where we first started seeing each other, but we didn’t really meet here.

We actually met through mutual friends and thats how our friendship developed. We attended the same school and we spent time together in the hallways, at lunch, and on the bus.

Then I started going to all of his sporting events with his sister. I became the wrestling manager and Bobby was a wrestler. From here we started dating and became inseparable.

Image 2 of Melanie and Bobby

how they asked: Bobby is a MMA fighter and had a fight on May 11, 2013 with the company that I was a ring card girl for. For me, the weekend was about him. He had to cut weight and make sure he made weight on Friday night. After making weight we all went out to dinner to wish Bobby luck for his fight the following night. On Saturday, I watched all the fights before him and just letting my nerves build up for his fight to come. Finally towards the end of the event he was finally up. Bobby and his opponent were now both in the cage and the bell rings. Thankfully one of my best friends (and now one of my bridesmaids) was a ring girl with me that night to help with my nerves.

First round was over, then the second, then the third….now I can finally breathe.

As both fighters stand on each side of the referee Bobby’s sister, who also works with the MMA company, comes up to me and says she wants both of us to go into the cage and take a picture with him. Bob’s arm is raised as the winner. Bobby’s sister and I go into the cage to take a picture with Bobby. I stood on the side of the cage while Bobby was being interviewed. Then I hear Bobby say my name. I was confused because it wasn’t saying my name in a answer to a question, it was to get my attention. As I’m looking at him he drops to a knee. I couldn’t have been more surprised. All of our closest friends and family in the crowd watching and shouting. I instantly started crying. Tears of happiness, of course! This night that was all about him has now become a night about us that I will ALWAYS remember.

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Proposal pictures: Earl Campbell

Engagement pictures: Carly Cedermark