Melanie and Trae

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How We Met

A little run down on our personalities..

Trae is such a smart man. When he sets his mind to things, he gets things done. He’s very motivated and is a true giver. His heart is so big for those he loves and does anything he can to make them happy. Trae is also a huge romantic. He loves big gestures and doing huge flashy acts of love.

I on the other hand, am more simple with romantic gestures. I like intimate moments and memorable activities. I love my pets (all 6 of my doggies) and I adore quality time spent with those I love. Cooking together and a board game? Sounds like the perfect date night to me!

Trae and I met 3 years ago through our workplace. He loves to tell the story that he always saw me as out of his league, and I love to correct him that he was obviously insane ;)

We became fast friends who always deemed each other as ‘the same person’. The way he thought of things, I thought of things. We truly seemed to have the same type of thought process about almost everything. We both were in relationships at the time that we met, and we both gave each other advice to help our relationships and ultimately get to know each other in the process.

Trae has known since way back then, that he wanted to marry me. However, it took me a little longer. Ok, a lot longer. We officially started dating March 25th, 2017. Between late night Perkin’s dates, driving around aimlessly singing to Disney songs (yes, Disney songs), kayaking in the summer, visiting family from out of state together, dancing in rain (not cheesy-like ;) ), movie nights, cooking over FaceTime, roses as random gifts, spontaneous adventures, and taking care of each other through very hard times, I fell head over heels in love and could not see anyone else in my future.

My family adores who Trae is and has welcomed him into the family with open arms and open hearts. His family as done the exact same thing for me.

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how they asked

In August of this year, Trae ordered my engagement ring, unbeknownst to me. He then started planning with my best friend, Jyn, the perfect proposal for me.

Jyn is the one other person who literally knows everything about my likes, dislikes, and expectations of my future. She also is a profession photographer, and she knew as well as Trae did, that her capturing this moment would be extremely important to me.

Trae set up with Jyn to tell me that she was doing a styled shoot at a new location and wanted me and him to be her models. She recommended colors for us to wear and everything. I had no idea anything else was happening behind the scenes. I bragged all week that he and I would be in her portfolio looking great and silly things like that haha!

The day came and I was excited to get to the spot. I knew it’d be pretty there, but had NO IDEA just how breath taking it would be.

We walked around the top of a mountain taking photos and freeeezing. Jyn kept mentioning the sunset time frame, which I didn’t think anything of because I knew she loved shooting at sunset, however, that was her nod to Trae that he had a few minutes left before asking.

We got to the last spot to shoot at, and Jyn asked us to start dancing (something we’ve done in every shoot we’ve had with her) and we started goofing off. He spun me out away from him and Jyn told us to freeze. I felt the hand he was holding drop, and I turned to find out why, to see him with tears falling, on his knee holding a beautiful ring. He sat there speechless until he could say, “I’ve waited so long to ask you this. Will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it. I am someone who hates surprises, and ALWAYS figures them out before they happen, and this time I had absolutely NO IDEA.

Obviously, I said yes ;)

Special Thanks

Jyn Armstrong