Melanie and Tim

How We Met: We met in 2006 at a party of a common friend 4of us both, we were 15 and 17 years old at the time. We had a lot of fun at the party and after that we became friends. We chatted a lot on MSN about games and music mostly.

Sometimes we saw each other at the local bar near our hometowns, untill he moved away to the other side of the country and I went to college. We had no contact for 3 years and suddenly he added me on Facebook (this was in 2012) and asked if I still knew him from the old days.

I told him: yes I know you Wiebel! (that was his nickname back then) and we started off talking like we never lost contact in all those years. Then there was this metal festival in Belgium (Graspop), I used to go there every year just like he did.

We mentioned that we both were going to the festival and I asked him with who he was going to the festival. He told me he was going alone, because his friend had to cancel and wasn’t going anymore.

So I told him to join me and me friends to the festival and he accepted the invite. When we saw each other on the parking lot at the meeting point for our group, we instantly fell in love with each other. We looked at each other and it was like first on 2nd sight haha. We went in the same car to the festival and we talked the whole trip. At the festival he was constantly moving away from me, because he thought I was watching over him that he had a good time with my friends, he didn’t want to become a burden so he was leaving me alone to make sure I had a good time enjoying the festival instead of watching over him.

I told a friend of mine that I liked Tim very much but that I thought he didn’t liked me the way I liked him. My friend ensured me that he was totally into me and that I had to give it a shot. So that Saturday night after a great party we went back to the camping site and me and my friends made a campfire. While sitting at the campfire I was sitting next to him and I tried to hold his hand and he noticed that my hand was reaching out to his.. he grabbed my hand and we didn’t let go the entire time we were sitting at the campfire.

After a few hours everyone was getting tired and were off to bed.. we waited until we were alone and then we kissed. It was the best kiss ever! At that moment I knew, he was the one for me. I had butterflies in my stomach and I didn’t wanted it to end.

But then he stopped, wished me goodnight and walked to his tent to go to sleep. I did the same but I couldn’t sleep, I was awake whole night thinking about him. The rest of the festival we did everything together, we went to the same shows and stayed close to each other.

After the festival followed a few dates, we were inseparable. When we were together for about 2 weeks we went on holiday to France and a month later we rented a studio and started living together. That is now 3 years ago and never regretted it one second.47

how they asked: The 4th of September 2015 it was my 25th birthday, that morning he told me to stay in bed and he would make me breakfast. After I ate my breakfast in bed he told me to shut my eyes for my birthday gift. I was really shocked to feel a big heavy box on my lap, I asked for concert tickets and there was this huge box!

So I was pretty excited to open up that box and while I was opening my present he went down on one knee beside the bed and asked: Melanie, do you want to marry me? I was so startled that I grabbed him and hugged him right away and told him: YES! OF COURSE I WANT TO MARRY YOU!

I totally forgot about the ring so when I saw the ring I was filled with joy, it was so beautiful. I still had not unwrapped my birthday gift so I did that after the laughs, hugs and kisses and there was a sound system for my computer. It was so awesome and I had the best birthday ever.